Del City, Oklahoma

I purchased a 2013 Sonata from Automax in Del City. After driving it for about 15,000 I noticed the tires were already getting close to the indicator for needing new tires.

I contacted the service department and was told this is normal and to just rotate on next oil change. I took it to a local tire shop and explained my dilemma, they said no these tires are needing to be changed. I called Automax the next day and explained again. They said there is no way the tires are rated 60,000 miles.

The manager RICK was rude and didn't care what I had to say. I bet him million bucks they would last 20,000, he said oh no you will at least get 30,000. I had to change them at 17,000.

I love my car, but Automax will never receive a dime from me again.They got their sale , now they are done with me. Rick had to be the worst manager I've ever talked too.

Monetary Loss: $700.

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